YORK RIVER PICTURE FRAMING offers many glazing options including :

  • regular picture framing glass
  • non-glare
  • conservation clear
  • conservation  anti-reflective
  • museum
  • acrylic

If you’re concerned about the effect of  UV rays on your artwork…..light reflection…..the weight of glass….or do you require shatterproof glazing?….we will explain the pros & cons of all types of glazing for your specific framing project.{product-description}

                                                     conservation clear glass

Technical Info:

  • Blocks up to 99% of UV light rays
  • Does not degrade or delaminate over time.  Tru Vue uses a proprietary inorganic, silica-based UV blocking coating, which is “baked” into the glass substrate producing a permanently bonded coating.
  • 2.5mm glass substrate

When To Use:

  • Ideal for any framing application, if reflection-free viewing is not important.
  • For protecting art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes against damage and fading caused by UV light.
  • To provide fade protection for posters. The inks, papers and other materials used to create these prints are more likely to deteriorate at a faster pace than higher quality reproductions.